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100 member celebration

Finally we have achieved a milestone i.e we got our first 100 members      Its a good sign that we are having some members, who are visiting the site… Hope you all are getting enough benefits from this site..Will try to improvise it further to my level best… Am trying to provide you guys enough information related

VTUFORUM on major social networking sites

You can get to our page by clicking on the respective icons on the top right corner of the website. Looking at the public interest, we have linked to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Links are:- Twitter:  https://twitter.com/vtuforum Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vtuforum/259748897460820 Google: Plus: https://plus.google.com/112470292527342969478/posts We can share all the interesting topics of this forum on these social networking

Thumbs Up VTUFORUM.com is linked to Facebook

As most of the members are having their account in facebook now..VTUFORUM has expanded its support for members to get attached to facebook directly….Now in the profile information, u can add facebook link…Check your UserCP, go to edit profile and enter your facebook id in the facebook section if ur facebook link is http://www.facebook.com/your_name Just write the “your_name” in the facebook

VTUFORUM is on new server

In the beginning on the website, I used a free web hosting server from 000webhost, this company is very kind to me and always used their service for free..Never expirenced any downtime or errors… But as the website got little popular my bandwidth usage was going beyond the limit that they provide in the free

Happy birthday to VTUFORUM!!!

Hello member friends, its the first birthday of this small community of student. Being a Admin and Owner of this forum, am very happy and satisfied with the way forum has reached to its current position. It was a pleasure to say that forum really good through out the year, we have nearly 1400 registered members, and sometime we crossed the

Happy wala news to the Forum

Hello guys we are 5000 member now on this forum/community. Its such a big thing for me. I always dream to have something of my own. May be its a small or big. I may be small but its VERY VERY VERY BIG thing for me, like I achieved something great. Thank you to all